Solar Shades NYC - Style 5000

Solar Shades

Solar Shades Natural Light can be a beautiful design element with a little sun management. Elegant managing heat and glare form the sun can be accomplished with Phifer sheer Weave interior sun control fabrics. SheerWeave's light-filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain to make any room a more comfortable environment.

We carry all manufactures styles and colors to match any office interior decor. These window adornments will provide beauty and elegance to your home or office. They are ideal for east facing windows to minimize glare and are perfect for floor-to-ceiling or any large windows.Prestigious Blinds has redefine the light into homes and offices for New York City and the surrounding areas for over 8 years. Please contact us for more information on solar window shades for homes and offices in New York City.

Style 5000

Q53 Honeycomb/Brown Sugar P59 Bamboo/Whitewash P57 Marble/Quartz
Q45 Moire/Leather Q52 Marble/Slate Q51 Wicker/Mushroom
Q50 Bark/Tiger Oak Q49 Rattan/Umber Q48 Bark/Cedar
Q47 Moire/mocha Q46 Bamboo/Wheat Q44 Bark/Aspen
Q43 Marble/Sand P61 Honeycomb/Vanilla P60 Bamboo/Birch