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Aluminum horizontal blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds offer the best options in color, texture, design and most importantly, light control. Choose classic, elegant aluminum blinds in micro (1/2"), mini (1"), and macro (2"). Styles include the advanced design of Light lines with the new exclusive de-Light feature that blocks out the light ordinary mini blinds can't, and Soft Suede, a beautiful new finish which combines the warm look of suede with a unique richness of color.

Prestigious Blinds has redefined the light into homes and offices for New York City and the surrounding areas for over 8 years. Please contact us for more information on mini-blinds for homes and offices in New York City.


Slat Size 1" or 2"
Sizes Available Width: 7" to 192"
Height: 6" to 90"
Material/Color Options 99 combinations for 1"
27 combinations for 2"
Privacy and Light Control (1 to 5 scale)
(4) Diffused light, complete privacy
Specialty Shapes and Design Options Bay and corner windows, cut-outs
Operation Systems Options Cordlock operation, MagnaView
Motorization Options No
Soil and Dust Resistant Yes
Uniform Exterior Appearance No
Orientation/Window Shape Horizontal
Safety Features Yes
Energy Efficiency Good
UV Protection Good (75% to 90%)